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Sat, May 16


Live Online Event

Undisputed Mastery - How to Lead in a Crisis: Immunity for your Business – Life – Relationships

No one could have completely predicted this pandemic and the impact it’s had on all of our lives. Our Health, Businesses, Relationships, and State of Mind, our Attitude and Focus will either be on Fear or Faith. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

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Undisputed Mastery - How to Lead in a Crisis: Immunity for your Business – Life – Relationships
Undisputed Mastery - How to Lead in a Crisis: Immunity for your Business – Life – Relationships

Time & Location

May 16, 2020, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Live Online Event


About the event

- How to Lead in a Crisis: Immunity for your Business – Life – Relationships -


Break Open what we Have to OFFER!

No one could have completely predicted this pandemic and the unprecedented impact it’s had on all of our lives.

Our Health, Businesses, Relationships, and State of Mind, our Attitude and Focus will either be on Fear or Faith. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. We are here to help you make a great choice of Faith.

I want to put in your hands the #Immunities you need to survive and even thrive during this time.

So that during this test of your life & business #RESILIENCY You can take #opportunity and actually #Grow In all of the categories of your life and business.

On Saturday, May 16th you have an opportunity to participate and receive World-Class Knowledge.

We have rescheduled our original Undisputed Mastery Date from the weekend of May 14-17 to October 15 – 18th because of the Shelter in Place orders. Click here to Learn More about the October Event 

We know you have REAL NEEDS Now!

We want to give you Extra Value so you can better know how to Pivot and Thrive during this season of uncertainty.

I created this FREE LIVE EVENT… We’ve assembled experts in their field (Many UM Fire Team Leaders) who are seasoned leaders – tried and true at taking advantage of crisis situations and turning them around into a great story of Resilience, Victory, and Success.

Here is your invitation to our LIVE ZOOM EVENT on Saturday, May 16th, 2020 beginning at 12 Noon Central (1:00 pm EST – 11:00 am MST - 10:00 am PST)

I want to place the answers to your next season of success right in the palm of your hand…

Now What you do with all this Value it is UP to YOU!!!

Here are your next steps:

1.  All you must do is click on this link to register (You may also copy and paste) -

2.  Show up ready to Go (take notes and apply the lessons. There will be a short Q&A session after each speaker – All material will be made available on our members' page after each live event). Check out for more details.

3.  Actively Participate (There will be moving, grooving, and Break out Boxing Lessons between Speakers – We will learn some of the basics we teach at every Undisputed Mastery Event to help people breakthrough at every level.

4.  Receive the Value! (We are determined to add tremendous value to you during this important time).

5.  Invite your Friends, Family, and Colleagues. Don’t hoard all of this Awesome!!! Give the gift of Thriving through this time. Our goal is to ADD MASSIVE VALUE. We have gathered experts from across the World to help you get IMMUNITY in your Business – Relationships – Life. 


- You only RISK becoming Better! -


Experts in their Field from Across the World!!!

This summit will boast one of the strongest speaker lineups I have ever seen!!!

300 years of Combined Experience

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, they will be sharing things on the ZOOM stage you won't hear or learn any place else. Get the REAL DEAL on how to Lead in a Crisis. 

Keith Waggoner 

Host & Peak Performance Coach 

PEAK PERFORMANCE EXPERT & TOP LIFE & BUSINESS COACH Dr. Keith is one of the top Business, Relationship, and Life coaches in the world today. He has coached with Tony Robbins, Professional Athletes, Senators, and Billionaires. He has dedicated his life to the Study of Human Psychology and Performance.


In any environment, it is vital for great leaders to have a vision of what is most important. Relationships – Romantic, Professional, Personal – they all must be nurtured and purposefully cared for. Learn how to STEP UP to a legendary level and create relationships that weather any storm.

Harley Elmore

Military Science Expert & Speaker

GRANDMASTER OF MARTIAL ARTS & TRAINER TO NAVY SEALS. Tuhon (Grand Master) Harley Elmore has been training and teaching martial arts for nearly 40 years. Throughout his career, he has studied and analyzed training methods from a wide variety of martial arts and cultures. Harley travels the world teaching individuals, special interest groups, police and military.  He specializes in the reality of violent encounters and developing specific training curriculums that equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to overcome such encounters. Harley served as the Director of Training for Sayoc Tactical Group where he trained America's most elite military special forces groups ranging from U.S. Army Special Forces to Navy Seals. He also worked full time in this capacity for the Department of Defense embedded in a unique special force training pipeline.

Topic: Mental Reality (How to prepare for a Crisis)

In a world where enemies can be invisible – a leader must prepare himself for everything to change in a moment's notice. Everything you’ve ever known and trusted can immediately be jeopardized if you are not well trained. You must recognize the reality and disciple your mental and emotional states to survive and thrive.

Charles Fischer 

Wealth Management Expert & Speaker

VICE PRESIDENT AT MORGAN STAINLEY WEALTH MANAGEMENT. Charles Fischer, CFP is a Senior Vice President with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. He has dedicated his career to working with high net worth families. He has managed BILLIONS and produced secured wealth with clients from all over the world. Charlie served his country proudly as an Army Officer during Operation Desert Storm and twice received the Army Commendation Medal for Outstanding Service.


The wealthiest people in the world became the wealthiest because they were able to seize the moment of opportunity. When a financial crisis hits, learn how to position yourself to not only make it through but how you can become wealthier than ever.  


Robert Vernon 

Cloud-Based Business Expert & Coach

ENTREPRENEUR, BUSINESS & SYSTEMS COACH Robert is a seasoned business and marketing expert, currently helping businesses grow and optimize their operations. He is the founder of Digital World Images and Digital World Media, C2 Media (now C2 Imaging), Digital Arts Imaging and Digital Arts Creative, Robert Vernon & Co. and a co-founder of Undisputed Mastery. The companies Robert has founded or co-founded have generated more than $575 million in revenue. He has a passion to help those in business or starting a business reach their goals and dreams.


During this time businesses are being pushed more and more to “Get in the Cloud!”. If your business, and for that matter your own personal computing, isn’t in the cloud… you are putting everything you’ve ever worked for at risk!

Giovanni Palavicini 

Expert in Emotional Breakthroughs & Speaker  

ENTREPRENEUR, REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, TEAM LEADER & TRAINER Giovanni has been in commercial real estate for over 17 years. He is passionate about working with companies to understand their real needs, creating a strategy and helping them implement. He values being an extension of his "clients" team. Giovanni is also passionate about his family, friends and giving back to his community. His mission is to help people overcome fear and anxiety and live a life of passion and purpose through the Lord by example, leadership and love. Through his work with Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Discovery Training, Valiant Hearts, and any other organization he can help, he has become known in his community for his big heart, generous spirit and never-ending desire to serve others. Giovanni has a bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University and a master's in Real Estate from the University of Texas-Arlington.


Fear & Anxiety can overtake any of us. Especially during times of great Uncertainty. Learn how to open your heart and address the core issues that will help you transform your fears into faith.

Roy Eggensperger 

Expert in Cyber Security & Speaker

SECURITY ENGINEERING & RED TEAM LEADER & TRAINER Roy Eggensperger, SR CIS Enterprise Red Team, has spent the last 20 years working in Cyber Security in a variety of roles, including Vulnerability Management, Security Engineering, and Penetration Testing.  He has harnessed ethical greyness into a satisfying career; currently, he leads the Verizon Corporate Information Security Red Team; which is a very professional way of saying he has a team of knowledgeable and sketchy people who spend their days trying to steal stuff, (with permission), and emulate current threats to the corporation.  


The world can be scary, let's talk about some of the threats that are out in the wild today, and some common-sense strategies you can take to defend yourself, your family, and even your business.  

Mitch Cammidge  

Business & Corporate Coach & Speaker

SAVAGE IN BUSINESS COACH, BROKER OF CERTAINTY, ENTREPRENEUR Mitch Cammidge has a simple life mission: “Amazing Lives - Extraordinary Businesses”. He is a Business Coach for 300+ Extraordinary Business Owners, and Mentor to Thousands of Growing People. Mitch has been the Keynote Speaker at Harvard School of Business, and at Multi Speaker Events across Canada & the US. He is the Visionary of Mitch Cammidge Coaching &, Savage In Business. He is a Father & Husband, driven to build Global Impact with a Local Result. Mitch believes Business needs to be Simple in its design, Elegant in its operation, and Repeatable in its systems. Anything less is unacceptable. Mitch says, “I want the whole world to learn how to run a business, and win!”


Mitch will lead you through assessing and building your business through 4 fundamental building blocks, learning to measure each through 3 immutable lenses, creating an immovable foundation for now & the future.

Nathan Kirby

UFC Fighter Trainer, Actor, Speaker, Coach

PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, PEAK PERFORMANCE COACH Nathan Kirby is a Keynote & Motivational Speaker Focused on Purpose, Passion & Potential. He is an Entrepreneur and owns Martial Arts Gyms across Arkansas. He lives a life dedicated to physical and mental fitness. Coach Kirby (also known as MAXIMUS) personally coaches youth groups, high school, D1, NCAA and other amateur or professional athletes worldwide. He speaks to churches, companies, organizations, and sports teams about living a life of meaning by following their passion and pursuing their purpose. He is a FORCE to be RECKONED with! “Energetic, dynamic and impactful” are just a few comments from audiences. But also, Hilarious, honest, passionate entertaining and borderline crazy is often spoken of about this M.C & inspirational speaker.


Leading in Times of hardships requires Faith. Faith is more than just belief… it requires ACTION. The most successful people in the world MUST act on Faith. The alternative is to crumble under the weight of Fear. There is too much at stake… Leaders MUST step up and learn that their leadership counts the most in Times of Crisis. Learn how with Coach Kirby. 

100% FREE!  -  It will only COST you Limiting Beliefs!



A #BROKER of CERTAINTY is Someone with a Skill, Passion or Expertise That Shares it with the World for Impact, Service, and Leadership.

This can be YOU! Yes, You... In times of great uncertainty, character is formed. Like coal transforming into a diamond. We teach leaders from all over the world how to be Brokers of Certainty and create Clear, Calm, Exciting Visions for their Teams and Relationships. We will teach you HOW! Learn from professional DOERS! People just like you! Who have Stepped up to new Realms of Success.


Since this pandemic emerged, it became the single greatest threat to business continuity and could remain so for up to 18 months or longer. Companies need to develop rigorous contingency plans to slow the progress of a pandemic and limit its impact on employees, shareholders, partners, consumers, and communities. This will require more than simply double-checking the soundness of existing business continuity plans.

Current models suggest that this pandemic is likely to come in waves, with each wave sweeping across the globe in a matter of weeks and lasting as long as three months. The impact will be in 4 Major & Measurable Categories: E.S.P.M. = Economic; Social; Political; and Medical.

There needs to be a shift in the nature of continuity planning, away from strategies that protect infrastructure and toward those that protect employees and their ability to conduct business during a sustained crisis. Sustained business, relationships, socialization, and health are all possible. Join us on how we are teaching HOW.

I’ve been coaching people on how to “PIVOT” & Transform their SOP (Standard Operating Practices/Procedures/Psychology) in Business and Life to a Real-Life AOP (Alternative Operating Practices/Procedures/Psychology). NOW is the Time to Act. Don’t be PASSIVE!!! ACT NOW!

Here's a video clip of Robert (Rocky) Vernon and I discussing the live event and some of the other Value Adds you have coming your way and how you can begin the process of AOP by attending our FREE Live Event.

I hope to see you on our Live ZOOM Call on Saturday May 16th at 12 Noon Central!

100% FREE!

Invest in your Leadership Future!

Please Remember… IT’s First Come First Serve!

I’m only allowing 100 people on the Call. 

So get there On-Time and Soak up the AWESOME!


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