What's Cyndicate?

Q1: Can anyone be a member of a tribe?

Any business leader, influencer, professional, investor, influencer or executive can be a member of the tribe. Cyndicate instills in its members to be actively involved in the community and to be honest in all business and other relationships. Cyndicate is about giving more then we take. Cyndicate members are a symbol of unity in the community, fair business and helping the less fortunate. All Cyndicate members are approved by the membership executive commitee after an interview and reference check.

Q2: How do you know new members are reputable and screen the members?

The new application asks for references and we conduct reference checks to make sure business/individual has a good reputation. There are also interviews if required to make sure the member is a good fit. It's referral marketing, so before they even come to a meeting they have to have spoken to someone or been invited by someone in the group. Everyone has to have a sponsor, or one is assigned to them, and they interview them.

Q3: What if a member gets a referral and does poor work?

CYNDICATE have a very Strict Code of Ethics. It is imperative that anyone who gives a referral and finds out it was not satisfactorily handled must report that to the Membership Committee, who will investigate in a professional manner.

Q4: My profession does not let me directly solicit business. Is CYNDICATE still right for me?

CYNDICATE is not just about referrals. It's primary objective is to assist its members in ways to improve their own lives, family and community and to educate them concerning how they can effectively help themselves and others. CYNDICATE provides a forum/platform to bring like minded investors, influencers, leaders etc. to make an everlasting impact.

How Cyndicate will help my business?

On average Cyndicate members can add anywhere from $50,000 to $2 Million annually to their business with the help of Tribe members. Cyndicate members also get access to member only coaching & mentorship program. Cyndicate members also get access to member only events, investors circle, social media POD & other member only incentives.

Interested in joining Cyndicate?

If you are interested in joining Cyndicate then fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Gf4u3961evKV53Xf7 and the membership team will contact you for an interview.

Interested? Contact us:
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