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Privacy Policy

You permit ("Cyndicate") to collect data from or about you. Cyndicate acknowledges the importance that you place on protecting your privacy. Accordingly, Cyndicate shall use commercially reasonable efforts to safeguard any individually identifiable data acquired from or about you, including without limitation, names, addresses or credit card information; against unauthorized access or use. In addition, Cyndicate shall not, without your prior written consent, use, sell, license, lease or otherwise transfer such data to any third party or export data to any location outside of the country in which Cyndicate may have acquired such data. You agree to allow Cyndicate to use your individually identifiable data to send materials to you (including offers to purchase Cyndicate or third party services); as well as for building of Cyndicate proprietary databases relating to service offerings and service requests.

Cyndicate will:

  1. allow you to access any data Cyndicate may have regarding you;

  2. allow you to correct any incorrect or incomplete data regarding you;

  3. comply with any request from you to remove your name from the customer list maintained by Cyndicate and

  4. upon receipt of a request as described in clause (3) provide no further marketing materials to you.

Upon the expiration or early termination of this agreement, Cyndicate shall have no obligation to return to you, or destroy, any lists, or other data regarding you, acquired from you; and you agree that Cyndicate may retain any copies of such data in hard copy or electronic form.

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